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One-Room Schoolhouses In Michigan

We are proud to offer this exciting 'survey' of over 7000+ schoolhouses for Michigan..

We Welcome Additions / Corrections!
Please send information about the schoolhouses from Michigan to:
Tom M. Johnson, Chairman and Coordinator
4815 Barton Rd., Williamston, MI 48895
Home Phone: 517.655.1030
Email: tjjj@wowway.com

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School Township County Year BM Location Use Note
1865-1884 Mead & Forest Hill merged with Sowle to form Essex Center
Cronk Flushing # 16f River Rd & Beecher Consolidated with Flushing April 1949
Ottawa 1910 -1967 Ottawa & Superior High School
Fawcett S/34
Washburn Rush # 2 1856-1961 N Chipman Rd Residence, annexed to Owosso 1961
Connor Spring Creek 1st Schoolhouse in St. Joseph Conner was a pioneer judge
Liston Alcona Alcona W S/20 Black River 1/2 mi of US 23 Residence - red
Norwegian/McDonald Caledonia Alcona W School Rd S/8 Poor condition - McDonald school was moved four miles and attached to the Norwegian School
Pine Grove Caledonia Alcona 1939 W S/11 Jennison Grove Rd 1/8 mi W of Hubbard and Spruce Rd Residence
Curtisville 1st Curtis Alcona W S/20 Clouse Rd Town Hall
Curtisville 2nd Curtis Alcona B S/18 Curtisville Rd & Bamfield Residence
Lakeview Curtis Alcona W S/18 Healy Rd & Banfield 1/2 mi W of Glennie Residence
Greenbush Greenbush Alcona 1870-1947 W Campbell Rd., & State Museum - State Historic Site # 728 2 blocks W of US 23
Greenbush Alcona Historical Society, Box 22, Greenbush, MI moved across the street and next to Twp. Hall in 1979
Poor Farm Greenbush Alcona W Mikado & Coville Rd. F 30 M, Keithan - photo vacant - concolidated in 1954 with Oscoda Schools. Moved to site in 1979
Bachus Creek Gustin Alcona 1888-1892 W S/20 London Rd 1/2 mi E of Stoloton Rd Residence
Hawes Hawes Alcona W Residence
French Town Haynes Alcona 1880- CB S/30 French Rd, 1/2 mi E of Hwy F 41 Storage
Johnson Haynes Alcona W S/17 McNeil Rd, 1/10 mi W of McGregor Rd Town Hall
Mt. Joy Haynes Alcona 1887-1995 W S/11 5130 Alcona Rd., 1/10 mi E of US 23 Residence
Watson/Wanda Lovelace Alcona 207 5th, Harrison, MI 48740
Pine/Pyne Haynes Alcona 1901-1945 W Poor Farm Rd. 1/4 Mi S of Quick Rd Vacant
Bailey Mikado Alcona 1907-1941 log S/4 Mikado Rd., 7/10 mi E of Glennie (F 30) Museum - moved to Sturgeon Point Lighthouse Haynes Alcona Historical Society Open T-Sun 11-4
Bean Hill Millen Alcona 1911- CB Walker Rd & Bean Hill Rd Hunting Camp 1 mi S of Trask Lake Rd
Millen Millen Alcona CB Millen Rd 1/2 mi S of Fowler Rd Vacant
Mitchell Mitchell Alcona W S/16 Tower Rd 2/10 mi E of Hwy 65 in village of Curren Town Hall
Flynn Valley Mitchell Alcona S/5 Flynn Valley Rd Hunting Camp
Lott Curtis Alcona 1908- W
Glennie Curtis Alcona 1911-1948 CB cost $3,150, Addition in 1928
Wilson Harrison Alcona 1931- W Barlow & Procunier Rds. 3rd Bldg part of Knights of Columbus Bldg in Lincoln
Mikado Mikado Alcona 1902- W GONE 2 R
Limerick Mikado Alcona 1904-1942 W F-41, E side Td lumber used to build a Lovelace Rd residence
Alvin Mikado Alcona -1931 W Michaud & Alvin Rd
Hadley/Harrison Millen Alcona 1908-1920 L
Hadley/Harrison Millen Alcona 1908-1920 L
Hungarian Millen Alcona 1913- CB Millen Rd Standing 1/2 mile S of Flower Rd.
Silverthorn Haynes Alcona 1870-1921 W Fisher Grange in Hrrisville
Aldrich Alcona
Barber/Ritchie Alcona 1902- W Somers & Sucker Td
Cedardale Alcona 1908-1941 W GONE
Daisy Dell Alcona 1912-1934 Hunting club
Black River/Sand Hill Alcona Black RIver Rd & Sand Hill GONE
Low Alcona Lake Shore Drive/ Alger Smith Rd.
Colverdale Mitchel Alcona 1909-1948 W Td
Bailey Alcona Sec 10 1913 moved to Mikado & Glennie Rd. F-30 Restored in 1973 by Mikado Area Development Corp.
Curran Alcona 1932- W
Klondike Alcona pic 1958 W 4 mi W of Mikado near F-30 + Buhl Rd.
Gustin Alcona 1800ís W Fowler Rd Only foundation remains three additions
AuTrain Alger 1905 log school
Lime Stone Alger Dec. 8, 1893 - school closed until spring because of a large amount of snow. 1890 a school was built at Limestone Creek.
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